RO water is one such home appliance which is helpful for daily needs. Also keeps you healthy by removing the impurities in the water. Over the years, we will see an increase in drinking water prices and also a rise in impurities in the water.

Its important to understand all the technologies present along with RO water purifier and their importance. Firstly, Lets check the best available RO Water purifiers in India.

Best RO Water Purifier for Home

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1. KENT Supreme Lite RO Water Purifier

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2. HUL Pureit Eco RO Water Purifier

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3. KENT Supreme Plus RO Water Purifier

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4. V-Guard Zenora RO Water Purifier

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5. Livpure GLO PRO++ RO Water Purifier

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6. Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Aura RO Water Purifier

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Things to Consider choosing RO Water Purifier

Lets discuss about each individual technologies that is involved in the RO process like UV, UV, TDS Controller, Taste Enhancer, Minerals etc.

1. R.O. Process

RO plant process has a scientifically unique process to purify water. The filtration process includes adequate usage of cellophane-like membranes for distinct disinfected water from contaminated water. This RO Plant Process sounds quite simple, but it requires quality installation of RO and UV plant for advanced water purification process.

2. U.V. Filter

A UV water filter is a purifier that kills harmful microorganisms in water with the use of germicidal ultraviolet (UV) light. UV ight damages the nucleic acids in the DNA of microorganisms, thereby severely hampering their ability to reproduce or multiply.

3. U.F. Process

UF process uses a simple and basic water purification technology. It uses gravity, activated carbon and sediment filters for the purification of water. UF process removes dust particles, sand, clay, chlorine, bacteria and other microorganisms.

4. TDS Controller

Before understanding TDS controller, we should know the TDS value of drinking water. anything between 40 to 150 should be good to drink. In some cases, water before purification itself might be low and that leads to the TDS value below 40.

In such cases TDS controller is used to mixed the unfiltered water with the filter water, such that TDS will get increased.

5. Taste Enhancer

As you guessed by the name, Taste enhancer increases the taste of water to much more drinkable nature. This is useful if your water is not so tasty or any bad odor in your input water.

6. Minerals

During RO process minerals that are good for our body also gets vanished. To regenerate the minerals, The water will be gone through one more filter which contains the smaller mineral solid particles that can add minerals to the processed water.


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