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Racold Andris Slim 20/30 Liter Review

With its past history, Racold is known for its elegant designs and unique features to the market. With Andris Slim, Racold leaning toward leading water heater manufacturers in India.

Performance:4.1 out of 5 stars
Power Consumption:4 out of 5 stars
Technology:4.5 out of 5 stars
Design:4.9 out of 5 stars

It’s worth considering Andris slim for your home. We have tested the geyser with all possible scenarios. Let’s check the detailed review on Racold Andris Slim’s horizontal geyser.

Build and Durability

Andris Slim tank built with titanium steel and titanium coating. Compared to glass-lined tanks from some major brands, Racold claims the Andris tank is more durable. Also, they are capable to withstand high pressure. Also, durable against water impurities.

Like any other brand, the outer body of the Andris Slim is built with ABS which is durable enough for the geysers.

Design & Performance

Racold Andris has an eye-catching design with a squarish shaped tank and curved edges. Umberto Palermo, the iconic product design expert from Italy designed Andris Slim. We rate the design as the top design for any horizontal geyser available in India.

Coming to the performance, Racold claims it’s 25% faster than its competitors. As per our testing, we find some speed in heating compared to other geysers. With titanium steel, water in a tank can last for more than 4 hours after heating.

Both 20 liter and 30 Liter operate with 2500 watts, which can conclude, that 20 liters geyser heats much faster than 30 liters.

Racold Andris Design

Technology & Safety

Coming to the technology end, Racold introduces ‘Flexomix’ which is a unique inlet flow that controls the system and helps to deliver energy efficiency by producing 10% more hot water than normal water heaters.

Andris comes with normal safety features. In need, an Auto cut-off exists to stop the geyser operation when water is heated. Shower Ready indicator to state the readiness of hot water.

Size & Variants

Andris Slim horizontal geyser is released with two variants depending on tank size. Its sold with 20 liters tank capacity which fits small to medium families and 30 liters for the bigger family.

There is no difference in wattage between 20 liters and 30 liters.

Power consumption

BEE rated Andris as 4-star power consumption. This means Andris slim consumes less power during operation and standby. On standby, it consumes 0.4 units per annum. Which is pretty less. Still, 4 Star is not good enough for frequent users. There are many 5 star rated products that save more power than 4 star water heaters.

Service & Warranty

Racold has 210 service centers across the country. Users can reach them via toll-free and WhatsApp.

Andris slim provides 2 year warranty for the product, 3 year warranty for the heating element, and 7 year for the inner tank.

Final verdict

If one is able to afford 9.5K on a horizontal geyser, It’s really worth and we recommend 20 liters as a value for many variant.



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