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Which Solar Water Heater Is Best in India

Solar water heaters are also known as green water heaters. Which completely works on natural solar energy. Also, one solar geyser is enough for multiple bathrooms.

It’s important to understand that solar water heaters need a separate water pipeline from the roof to all bathrooms and kitchens if required.

Solar water is costly and it’s a one time investment. So it’s important to understand which solar water heater is best in the market that ticks all your requirements.

Best Solar Water Heater in India

Water Technology experts choose the best solar water heaters based on product quality, service, warranty, and durability.

1. Supreme Solar 200 Liters Solar Water Heater

Supreme is a well-known electrical brand in India. It is famous for solar water heaters. It has different options to choose from such as glass-lined solar water heater, ETC Solar Water Heater, and FPC Solar Water Heater. Supreme also manufactures electric geysers.

The homegrown water heater brand is not much famous for electrical, but very good at solar geysers.

- 26%
Supreme Solar 200 Liters Solar Water Heater..
26 Reviews
Supreme Solar 200 Liters Solar Water Heater..Read Review
  • It is 200 LPD Solar Water Heater
  • Size : Standard
  • Colour : Multicolour

2. Racold Alpha Pro Solar Water Heater

Racold is one of the top brands in the water heater segment. Their electric water heaters are very famous among Indian domestic consumers. Also, Racold is the only named top brand that sells solar water heaters along with other types of geysers.

Geysers of Racold are famous for their design and durability. Alpha pro from Racold is one of the best domestic solar water heaters with 200 liters per day capacity. Their service is very good compared to other solar water heaters.

- 3%
Racold Alpha Pro Solar Water Heater..Read Review
  • Capacity: 200 L | Wattage: 40 W |Color Name: Black
  • Warranty: 5 Year
  • Special Feature 1: Corrosion Resistant
  • Special Feature 2: Optimum Energy Absorption And High Efficiency Is Ensured

3. Mandhata Inventions 200 Liters Solar Water Heater

Mandhata Inventions is a homegrown solar water heater manufacturer. They are very less known for their marketing. Personally, our team tested their products and was surprised with their quality. They have thousands of customers with trustworthy reviews.

Customer service is best for Mandhata Inventions. If they haven’t responded in 48 hours. The company will pay you 1000 rupees. The 200 liters per day water heater will satisfy all your needs and the product is durable enough to withstand for at least 30 years.

- 30%
Mandhata Inventions 200 Liters Solar Water Heater..
2 Reviews
Mandhata Inventions 200 Liters Solar Water Heater..Read Review
  • We live in an age where the whole thing is progressing in such a way to create a revolution in every aspect. Renewable energy in the past few years has occupied a tremendous position in the industry due to its advanced technology modifications, and a range of Solar Appliances is one such example.
  • Solar Appliances save at least 20% energy on our total energy use, which is beneficial both from a financial and environmental perspective. It is further helpful to either cut down your energy consumption or invest in varied applications that use alternative energies. Home appliances which can run on solar energy or natural sunlight, which are known for its cost-effective solutions, and user-friendliness.
  • Solar Appliances are divided into two different classifications. One is a solar photovoltaic based appliance that produces energy to power or charges DC type of electrical devices, and another one is a solar thermal system that uses the sunlight to produce solar heating which can be used for making hot water.
  • The solar appliance is based on renewable forms of energy, hence benefitted in such a way to save consumers? money through lower energy bills, and reduces dependence on the electricity grid. The government is providing subsidies and incentives to the customers, especially to rural people to make them more affordable, which again helps to use a larger number of solar appliances.
  • If our company does not provide services to buyers within 210 hours then the buyer will be given Rs1000 as a fine. 5 Years Against Tank Leakage - (Condition Apply*)- Guaranty + 5 Years Pro-Rate Warranty*). In this we will keep your Supply installation all over India free apart from this if you get any kind of pipe installation or any bad stuff done from our side then we will charge extra for that we will not cover it in free service. If You Still Have Any Query You Can Call-7019169005

4 Solarizer Spring AV Solar Water Heater

Solarizer Spring AV solar water heater is one of the best quality products available in the Indian market right now. This band sells a product with different configurations according to consumer needs.

Their products are pricey and may not be affordable for everyone. Tanks are glass enamel coated and tubes are made of copper.

Solarizer Spring AV Solar Water Heater..Read Review
  • For Aesthetic apperance, Photovoltaic Module , Heat Pump. with Solar Key Mark Certification
  • Flat Plate Collector with Copper Tubes,Glass Enamel coated tanks,It is suitable for all modern bathing systems.
  • Aesthetic Assurance, Best Design
  • Material Type: Low carbon steel with Glass Enamel coating



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