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What is the Instant geyser

Instant geysers are compact geysers built without a storage tank in them. The instant geysers can heat the water faster compare to storage geysers.

Instant water heaters work in such a way that the water inlet is connected to the heating element. When water passes through the heating element the temperature of the water increases and comes out via the outlet of the instant geyser.

The best use of the instant geyser is in the kitchen. Some of them use instant geysers for bathing too. Considering the amount of water that is delivered through an instant geyser, one cannot be used an instant water heater hot shower.

Someone who uses the bucket to capture the water for bathing can also consider instant geysers for bathing.

Why storage options are mentioned for instant geysers?

Instant geysers are mentioned with tank capacity. But, These are not the storage tanks. Tanks in instant geysers deliver hot water according to tank size. Once full capacity is delivered, it will take some time to deliver hot water again. These tanks can’t maintain hot water to use for later.

What are the advantages of instant geysers?

  • Instant geysers occupy a small space. Which brings a smart look to the kitchen or bathroom.
  • Instant geyser sheets water faster compared to the storage water heater.
  • Instant water heaters can be used for the kitchen as well.
  • Instant water heaters have less maintenance compared to storage water heaters.
  • One Less thing to worry about in instant geyser is bacteria. As there is no storage, there are very less chances of diluting the water.
  • Instant geysers are priced low compared to storage geysers.

What are the disadvantages of the instant geyser?

  • The instant geyser cannot be used for bathing when you have a medium to a bigger family.
  • Instant geysers consume more electricity compared to storage.
  • One cannot use the instant water heater when the power is off when a storage water heater can hold the hot water for 5 to 10 hours.
  • One cannot use an instant water heater with a shower.




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