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Horizontal Geyser & When to Choose

Horizontal geysers are in demand, let's check what actually the horizontal geyser is and when to choose for horizontal geyser.

Horizontal geysers are designed for compact bathrooms. Especially for the bathrooms with ceilings. The horizontal structured tank of the geyser will occupy a small space, which will be the best fit for compact geysers.

What is a Horizontal Geyser?

A Geyser tank is structured horizontally so that it can be less accessible from ground level and fit into the ceilings in the bathroom as well.

Compared to the usual vertical geyser, the inlet and outlets of the horizontal geyser position vary so that the water flow will be normal to the tank and heating element.

When to opt for Horizontal Geyser?

For one who lives in apartments, bathrooms might contain ceilings to hide the water pipes. So, there will be very less space to place a vertical geyser which brings it down to kids’ accessible levels. To overcome this use case, horizontally mounted geysers were introduced.

These horizontal geysers can be fit inside the ceilings or outside the ceilings based on the space available within pipes.

You may doubt that can vertical geyser mount horizontally? A big NO, the way geyser works and heated element placed in the tank, one cannot use vertical geysers horizontally.

Advantages of horizontal geyser

  • Horizontal geysers save space in the bathroom.
  • It can be placed under the ceiling and hide the geyser itself.
  • Also inherits all the advantages of all other storage geysers.

Disadvantages of horizontal geyser

  • The price of horizontal geysers is higher compared to vertical geysers.




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