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Which Geyser is Best for Kitchen

Instant geysers are designed to deliver continuous hot water. Whereas storage geysers deliver water only up to the capacity of the tank. Which can pause the kitchen work.

That doesn’t mean storage geysers cannot be used in the kitchen. They can. But, they may not fulfill all the requirements of the kitchen compared to Instant geysers.

What is the purpose of a geyser in the kitchen?

Not so many use geysers in the kitchen. It depends on individual preferences. let’s check some uses of geysers in the kitchen

  • Some used to wash utensils with hot water. Where geyser is the water heating technology used.
  • Geysers in the kitchen can use to properly clean Fruits & Vegetables.

NOTE: It’s important to understand that geysers are least preferred for drinking water.

Why Instant geysers preferred for kitchens?

Instant Geysers are the most advised geysers for the kitchen by water experts. Let’s look at some important reasons behind that.

  • Instant geysers deliver water on-demand basis. That solves most of the needs of the kitchen.
  • Instant geysers look compact and occupy minimal space.
  • Instant geysers are available with multiple designs. Which keeps open kitchens ultra-luxurious.

Why Storage geysers least preferred in the kitchen?

  • Storage geysers can deliver water only up to tank capacity. Further, need to wait till the water gets heated.
  • Storage geysers occupy more space which is a disadvantage for compact kitchens.
  • Storage geysers look bigger holding the tank, which may not bring a good look for open kitchens.
  • Storage Geysers also take time to heat the water. Which may not be ideal whenever you need to eat fruits and veggies.


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