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Which Geyser is Best for Bathroom Instant or Storage

Both Instant and Storage geysers are fit for bathing. But wait, let’s check some important information and tick the boxes to find the geyser best fit for the bathroom.

For a bathroom, Storage geysers are recommended over Instant geysers. Compared to instant geysers, Water delivery for storage geysers are faster. such that, one can use a shower without compromising on delivery speed. Also, Storage geyser consumes less electricity compared to Instant type of geysers.

Why Storage over Instant geysers for bathroom

With all the due respect towards water heating technology. We have our own perspectives on choosing Storage geyser technology over Instant. Let us check some key differences.

  • Storage geysers contain the tank to capture water and heat. The storage water heater can maintain the water temperature for more than 3 hours. This is a very good feature for someone who faces power issues.
  • Compared to the Instant geysers, the water delivery speed of storage is faster. That said, it’s frustrating to use hot water over showers using Instant geysers.
  • Instant geysers consume more electricity and increase the power load. whereas Storage consumes less electricity based on the BEE Star rating.
  • Instant geysers deliver water faster compare to storage geysers. But, that doesn’t mean storage geysers take long to heat the water. Storage geyser takes 5-10 minutes to heat the entire tank of water.
  • Considering the safety aspect, always storage tops the list. Instant geysers work only when the power is ON.

Things to consider while choosing a geyser for the bathroom

It is of utmost importance to understand factors while choosing a geyser. let’s check out with a simple understanding.

  1. Tank Size: Depends on the number of people using the geyser
  2. Mount Style: Depends on the bathroom size. if compact, it’s better to choose a horizontally mounted geyser over others.
  3. Heating Element: The heating element is the heart of the geyser. Which heats the water. Prefer Incoloy glass-coated heating element for its performance.
  4. Bar Pressure: The amount of water pressure a geyser can handle. For high-rise apartments, always choose 8 bar pressure.
  5. Safety feature: Always check if your geyser has an auto cut-off feature. This helps to auto-turn off when water gets heated.
  6. Power Consumption: Always prefer 5-star rated geysers. Geysers consume more electricity during operation. Choosing a 5-star will always be helpful in the longer run.
  7. Service availability: Always prefer the brand that is available to service near you. Avoid making services from local electrical shops/individuals. Which may lead to breaking the warranty of the product.



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