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Different Types of Geysers in India

Buying the right geyser is so important. Let's understand how many types of geysers are available in India & how to choose.

Here geyser means a water heater that is used to increase the temperature of water for domestic household purposes. This is not about volcanic geysers.

Since the pandemic, one way or another water became part of our life. Geysers also known as water heaters are the most commonly used home appliance to heat the water for cleaning bathing etc.

With such a demand in the market, let’s check how many types of geysers are available for Indian customers and which will be the right fit for you.

Instant Geysers

Instant geysers are the most cost-effective type of water heaters. These types of geysers will have tanks with just hot water. Unlike storage water heaters, instant water heater tanks cannot store the hot water for a longer period of time.

Instant geysers are the best fit for the kitchen for cleaning the vessels, fruits, and vegetables. Smaller families with sizes of one or two can use instant geysers for bathing too.

One cannot expect to have a shower using an instant geyser, the water flow of the instant geyser is slow compared to storage geysers.

Horizontal Geysers

Horizontal geysers are one of the storage types of geysers where tanks are placed horizontally. These geysers are a bit costlier compared to vertically mounted geysers.

Bathrooms with ceilings have very less space to place geysers, Horizontal geysers are the right fit for such bathrooms. Usually, the apartments have pipelines at the ceiling of the bathroom. In such cases, a Horizontal geyser can be placed under the ceiling or outer part of the ceiling.

These horizontal geysers bring luxurious looks to the bathroom and some models in horizontal geysers look similar to the Air conditioners.

Vertical Geysers

Vertical geysers are the most commonly used geysers in India. These are cost-effective compared to the horizontal geysers. The only difference compared to a horizontal geyser is mounted tank will be vertical.

One can opt for the storage tank of the geyser depending on the size of the family. These geysers can store the hot water for up to 9 hours after heating.

In India, all major electrical home appliance brands manufacture vertical geysers. These geysers have a storage tank, and heating element to heat and store water.

Gas Geysers

Gas geysers in the least used geyser. Work with LPG gas connection. Gas geysers are preferred when the electrical charges are very high compared to LPG cylinder.

Even the price of the gas geysers is almost equal to or even less than the price of storage geysers.

Like storage geysers, gas geysers can store the hot water up to some extent. It depends on what the tank is made of.

Solar geysers

Solar geysers are also rarely used geysers. Solar geysers are for joint families, hotels, hostels, etc. price of the Solar geysers are bit higher compared to other geysers.

The good thing about solar geysers is there is no electricity or LPG gas consumption. If one lives in fewer temperature zones or Icey regions, a solar geyser on of the best options.

1 solar geyser connection can be used in many bathrooms. But this setup needs to be planned during the construction of the house.

Immersion water heaters

Immersion water heaters are the cheapest, compact water heaters available in India. One can simply connect the wire to the plug and dip it into the bucket of water.

These immersion water heaters don’t require any installation or user manual to use them.

The very important aspect of immersion water heaters is safety. Always keep kids away from the bathroom when the immersion water heater is turned ON and placed in the bucket. Always use the handle to hold. The heating element provided at the bottom will be very high in temperature.




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