The geyser is a frequently used home appliance. It’s very important to understand how to maintain the geyser. Usually, geysers work fine for 10 years without any issues. But, that depends on how you use that and maintain them.

Let’s check some of our expert advice to maintain geysers for longer runs.

Turn OFF the geyser once used

It is advised to turn off the geyser until the purpose is fulfilled. Storage water heater tank made of Steel, glass line, extra tank. When the water is heating the heating element tries to heat the water every time when the temperature of the water gets down. This increases the usage of geysers and also increases the power consumption.

When you turn off your geyser. heating elements will not operate. still, the storage tank should have the capacity to stand the temperature of water for 4 to 5 hours.

Do not use the geyser during voltage fluctuations

Like any other electrical and electronic appliance geyser so needs consistent electricity. When the voltage fluctuates the operation of the geyser might misbehave, which may lead to malfunctioning the geyser.

The wattage of geysers varies from 2000 to 4000 depending on the type of geyser. If the voltage supply is low or very high, the heating element might malfunction.

Empty the tank in the water while leaving on vacation

This is the most common way of mistreating the geyser. It’s advised not to keep the same water for a longer period of time. This may lead to micro bacteria and a bad odor from the water.

This will also reduce the tank’s life the water will get evaporated into the steel/glass body. The best solution to resolve this is to empty the tank of the geyser when leaving for vacation.

Don’t use too much hard water for heating

Not all geyser tanks can withstand the hard water/salt water for a longer time. It’s advised to use an immersion water heater rather than a geyser if your water is salty or hard water.

It’s advised to check the geyser standards before purchasing the geysers. Glass tanks can withstand more hard/salt water than steel tanks.

Always keep only the required temperature

Always use the required temperature. Don’t use very high temperatures to heat the water, Very high temperatures will drastically decrease the lifespan of the geyser. Primarily, the heating element and an inner tank of the body are the primary geyser parts to be taken care of.

Also, it’s always suggested to use the steel mounted pipe for hot water outlet and it doesn’t matter for inlet pipes. It’s really not needed to change the temperature of geysers on a daily basis.

Always contact brand service for regular maintenance

From installation to maintenance, it’s always advised to prefer the brand’s service than local electricians. Even during the shifting of the house, contact the brand for un-installation and installation.

It’s recommended to have regular maintenance for the geyser. At least, once a year. This can drastically increase the lifespan of the geyser.


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