‘Instant geyser or a storage geyser’ is a very frequent question while planning to purchase a geyser. It’s important to understand the key differences between them.

Instant geysers are tankless geysers of compact size, whereas storage geysers contain a storage tank that can withstand the temperature of water for a few hours. Let’s check some key differences between instant and storage geysers.

Instant GeyserStorage Geyser
Primary UsageWashing utensils, vegetables, fruitsHot water bathing, floor cleaning.
Storage tankNoYes
TypesGas instant geyser, Electric instant geyserHorizontal mounted geyser, Vertically mounted geyser, Gas geyser.
Heating timeImmediateTakes minimum 5 minutes
Power consumptionHigh, Geyser needs to be turned on when you need hot waterLess, If hot water is in the tank, Not needed to switch On geyser again.
Capacity3. 6. 10 liters of water delivery capacity based on heating tank.It's available between 10 to 25 liters.
SizeCompactHigher compared to instant geyser
Wattage3000 to 6000 watts2000 to 5000 watts depending on capacity
Water DeliveryIt can deliver a maximum of 6 liters and takes some time to get heat.Continuous delivery of water
MaintenanceLessLess, but higher than Instant geyser
Life span7-10 years5-9 years
Pricing LowHigh

On the safety front, both instant and storage geysers possess utmost safety. Though geysers are manufactured with safety levels, it’s advised to take all precautions during maintenance.



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