Geysers are the most used home appliances in India. It’s important to understand each component of the geyser and select the best that fits you.

Definitely, it’s not rocket science. But it’s worth spending a few minutes to know and buy the geyser that lasts for at least 7 years.

Here are some of the important considerations while purchasing the geyser, lets’s get into the details.

Usage of Geyser

The first and foremost thing while buying anything is ‘How am I going to use the product’. The same applies to the geyser as well. If your primary purpose of the geyser is for bathing, then choose a storage geyser that is convenient for bathing without interruption.

If you are planning to buy a geyser for washing utensils or washing fruits and veggies, an instant geyser is the best option.

Type of geyser

This is a very important aspect when buying a water heater. There are different types of geysers, each has its own advantages. If primary usage is for kitchen needs, it’s advised to choose an instant geyser.

If your primary use of the geyser is for bathing, it’s suggested to choose the storage type of geyser. Under storage, you will have options to choose between a vertically mounted geyser, a horizontally mounted geyser, and a gas geyser.

Bar Pressure

The force at which the water is supplied to the geyser is called bar pressure. Usually, for high-rise apartments, water comes with full force via pipes. In this case, your geyser should have the capacity to withstand such force. It’s advised to choose 8 bar pressure for high-rise apartments and 6.5 bar pressure for others.

Tank Size

Storage geysers consist of the storage tank. Brands sell geysers of different tank capacities to withstand the uses of consumers. Choosing the tank size depends on the amount of water you need.

15 to 20 liters should be fine enough for normal bathing. With storage geysers, you can choose the medium tank size and turn on the switch during usage. So that geysers will continue to heat the water even after consuming some amount of water.

Regarding instant geysers, check why tank size is mentioned for instant geysers.

Safety Features

As Technology keeps on improving, geysers are coming with utmost safety features to satisfy all types of consumers. It’s important to understand that your geyser should have minimum safety features such as Auto cutoff and safety valve.

The Auto cutoff feature will turn off the geyser functionality when the temperature of the water reaches the required temperature. This results in saving electricity and also geyser life. The safety valve is the inlet of the water from your tank or water pipes where we stop water from flowing further to the geyser.

Power Consumption

Power consumption is another important aspect to consider while choosing a geyser. In India, All electrical and electronics are rated by ISEER or BEE star rating, which indicates the amount of electricity consumed.

The higher the star rating, the less electricity will be consumed. As Geyser is a long working electrical home appliance, it’s advised to choose 5 stars rated product.

Brand Warranty & Service Availability

Always go with the brand which provides you the maximum warranty. Also, prefer to choose the product which has service at your location. So that brand’s expert service personnel can visit you to resolve issues, rather than a local electrician.


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