Geysers are one of the most used home appliances in India. Almost all electrical brands, manufacture geysers and make them available to consumers. Here are some top brands that sell the most refined and efficient geysers for home usage.

While the most prominent brands like V guard, Havells, Venus, Bajaj, and Crompton are in the race. Still, there are some brands like AO Smith and Racold which are geyser-specific brands worth considering.

Best Geyser Brands in India

Let’s check at some top best geyser brands in India based on the quality of product, Warranty, Service, and heating elements.

AO Smith Geysers

AO Smith is the leading geyser manufacturer in India. Their geysers are rich in quality and last long. Coming to the technology side, Most of the AO smith geysers uses a blue diamond glass-lined tank. Which has very high corrosion resistance.

The heating element in the AO smith geysers is a glass-coated heating element that is very good for scale formation and also lasts long.

AO Smith also provides free brand installation even for tire 3 cities and also service availability till remote villages. The best part is the warranty. 7 years on the tank, 3 years on the heating element, and 2 years on the product.

Havells Geysers

Havells is one of the top electrical home appliance brands in India. It started with electrical wires, and switches and now leads to the producer of major electrical items for daily use. The reason for Havells growth is all because of the quality and durability of the product.

The India-based electrical appliance manufacturer almost shares similar specifications with AO Smith. Incoloy glass coated heating element which is the best in the industry is used for most Havells geysers. The inner tank of Havells geysers is made of ultra thick superior steel.

Racold Geysers

Racold is an Italian geyser manufacturing company. Racold is famous for its unique designs and luxurious presence. Also, one of the fastest-growing brands in the Indian market.

Racold manufactures almost all types of geysers starting from instant geysers to storage gas geysers. But, the price of the geysers is a bit more compared to other Indian brands.

The quality of the products is robust. Uses titanium plus technology. Flexomix technology ensures a slow mixture of hot and cold water that results in a geyser that can maintain hot water for a longer time.

Crompton Geysers

Crompton is a well known brand for Indians. It is one of the most trusted electrical home appliances. Crompton started with ceiling fans and became the number one ceiling fan brand in India.

Crompton has both instant and storage types of geysers for Indian consumers. One good thing about Crompton geysers is their safety levels. Developed using 3-level safety features and rust-free tank and also a powerful heating element.

Multiple models like Rapid, Amo, Arno, Solarium, Bliss, Amica, Juno are available with different configurations for consumers in India.

Venus Geysers

Venus is one of the oldest Indian brands, especially geysers and water heaters. These Indian geyser manufacture products are the most used geysers in India. The best thing about Venus geysers is they last long.

Venus geysers are built of the best glass-lined items. The heating element is made of Glasslined Double Ceramic and the Inner tank is made of Porcelain Enamel Glasslined Tank.

Venus also has geysers for every segment like instant, storage, and horizontal geysers. Some much-known models are Magma plus, Celo, Audra, Mega plus, Splash, Lyra, etc.


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