Instant and Storage geysers work on electricity. Both work on different water heating technologies. Also, differs in power consumption. Let’s check which type of geyser consumes more electricity in detail.

Usually, power consumption is based on the wattage mentioned in the product. The higher the wattage the more power required to complete the operation. This rule applies not only to geysers, but also to any electrical items.

On average, a Storage geyser contains 2000 watts and an Instant geyser contains 3000 watts, As an instant geyser delivers water faster compared to storage, it uses more electricity to heat the water. Also, it’s mandatory to turn ON the Instant geyser throughout your bathing. Which will increase your power bills drastically.

Check the differences between Storage geysers and Instant geysers

On the above basis and water technology experts’ research, Instant geysers consume more electricity compared to storage geysers based on the wattage.

Also, an increase in the capacity of the instant geyser will increase the power bills. Both are related to each other.


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