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What is Heating Element in Water Heater

The heating element is one of the core parts of the water heater. It’s even considered the heart of the geyser. The heating element plays a vital role in heating the water.

The heating element is located inside the tank of the geyser. Once the water flows to the level of the heating element, with the help of electricity, the temperature of the water will start increasing gradually.

Types of water heater elements

Though the water heater’s working principle is the same, there is a difference in the material used to manufacture the heating element varies. Some of the best heating elements for the water heater are listed below

  • Glass-coated Incoloy heating element.
  • Incoloy 800 Heating Element.
  • Titanium Enameled Heating Element.
  • Copper heating element.
  • Nickel-coated heating element.

Can the heating element be replaceable?

Absolutely Yes, We suggest contacting brand service in case of such situations. Usually, the water heater heating element comes with an extended warranty compared to the product. Not all heating elements can fit your geyser. Only brands can suggest the most suitable heating element for the product.



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