Drinking water is an important aspect for good health. Most of them uses water purifiers and water dispenser for water purifying and heating the water.

Basically, water heaters take raw water as input and deliver them as hot water. Water geysers will not have any purifying system to dissolve impurities in water. Also, water heaters contains tanks which cannot be cleaned periodically.

Water heater tanks are mostly made of steel or glass coated elements. which can hold the quality of water only till some extent. So any water delivered from the geysers are considered not safe to drink.

Can we use Instant Geyser water for drinking ?

Instant geysers are considered as tank less water heaters as they don’t have storage tank to withstand the hot water. But in reality, even instant geysers have tank to heat the water which cannot hold the temperature of water.

Which means, it always has specific amount of water in tank. So, Even instant geyser water is also not recommended for drinking.


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