Instant Geysers deliver water up to the capacity of the tank provided. Once water is delivered, it will start heating the new water in the tank again and this will repeat till the geyser is turned Off. Instant geysers tank capacity ranges from 3 liters to 10 liters.

Compared to storage geysers, water delivery of the instant geysers is slower. Which will directly affect your shower performance. Whereas one can use it using a bucket to fill the water before bathing.

Instant geysers are preferred for kitchen usage over the bathroom. Still, smaller families or bachelor rooms can use instant geysers to save the bucks. Instant Geysers are not the preferred choice for the bathrooms. With the way it works and reduces the shower water flow, Instant geysers are always a second option for bathrooms and the first option for kitchens.

Also, a continuous power supply is needed to operate the instant geysers. Which may affect your bathing during power fluctuations.


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