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How Water Heater Rod Works

Immersion heaters are used to heat many liquid substances like water, oil, and chemicals and even to stabilize gas within their tanks. Immersion heaters are also known as electric heaters in general and are used widely within many industries and even in households.

When dipped within a liquid like water or oil, they immediately start with the heating process and continue to do so until the specified temperature that has been set by the user is not obtained.

Once the power is turned ON, the current will start to flow from the product and will spread all across the liquid so it is strongly advised never to put any conductor in the container or to expose it to any body part.

Usually, an electric or immersion heater is composed of a metal base that is carefully welded with electric heaters. These heaters are flat or long, tubular-shaped depending on the design and manufacturing concept.

Each heating rod is coated with superior quality Nickel Chromium wire along with Magnesium Oxide which is an electric insulator that is used for quick heating, and prevention of rust and corrosion.

Besides this, all of this is specially designed to make it shock resisting, but still, one must be very careful while handling these types of tools. A temperature controlling mechanism is also built-in within the contraption so you can adjust the heat as per requirement.



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