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How hot water effect your hair

Bathing with hot water is quite common. After the pandemic, things changed a lot. Hot water became part of our life. Like cleaning, drinking, and bathing are very frequent uses of hot water.

Bathing with hot water? Wait. What happens to your hair, bathing with hot water? Let’s check what our experts suggest.

A hot water head bath will affect your hair and may lead to hair fall. When we bathe with hot water, moisture at the root of the hair reduces. Some essential oils in the hair help the growth of hair get washed out while bathing with hot water.

Advantages of bathing with Hot water

  • Washes the dirt and kills the bacteria.
  • Keeps away from cold.

Disadvantages of bathing with Hot water

  • Loss of essential oils of the hair.
  • Loss of moisture leads to reducing the strongness of hair.
  • Reduces the hair softness in some cases.

How to Bath with hot water and protect your hair

Right now, there is no proven theory that concludes hot water bathing can also protect hair. How about having an early morning bath during winter? Or living near cold areas?

Experts suggested using lukewarm water for the head bath. Also, suggested not to use hot air in the hair dryer to dry your hair.

Using these tips, you can reduce the effects of having a head bath with hot water.



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