Horizontal and Vertical geysers come with the storage types of geysers. Both deliver hot water for household and bathing purposes. Vertical geysers are a very common type of geysers compared to horizontal geysers.

Vertical geysers are vertically mounted to the wall, whereas horizontal geysers are mounted horizontally mounted. Let’s check the key differences.

Horizontal vs Vertical Geyser

Vertical GeyserHorizontal Geyser
SpaceRequired Vertical SpaceRequires Horizontal space
Usually usedBathrooms without ceilingBathrooms with ceiling
PriceCheaperLittle Costlier
Power ConsumptionNominalVery little higher compared to Vertical
PresenceOrdinaryLuxurious look
SampleVertical GeyserHorizontal Geyser

Horizontal geysers are mainly used in places with a ceiling and not enough place to fit the vertical geyser. Usually, this scenario happens in apartments where the bathrooms have ceilings to cover the pipes.

Due to the design, Horizontal geysers consume more power compared to vertical geysers and also lasts less than vertical geyser.

Major differences in design between Vertical and Horizontal geysers are inlet and outlet come to a side of the geyser compared to the vertical geyser where inlet and outlet are present at the bottom of the geyser.


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